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برنامج التحميل من الإنترنت | Internet Download Accelerator Pro 6.18

برنامج التحميل من الإنترنت | Internet Download Accelerator Pro 6.18

يتيح لك برنامج Internet Download Accelerator Pro زيادة سرعة تنزيل الملفات بشكل ملحوظ من الإنترنت باستخدام بروتوكولات HTTP و HTTPS وبروتوكول FTP.

يتم تحقيق تسريع التحميل عن طريق تقسيم الملف الذى  يتم تنزيله إلى عدة أجزاء وتنزيل هذه الأجزاء في نفس الوقت.

يستأنف Internet Download Accelerator التنزيلات المكسورة من حيث توقفت من خوادم HTTP و HTTPS و FTP.

لزيادة سهولة الاستخدام ، يتكامل Internet Download Accelerator مع Internet Explorer و Firefox و Mozilla و Opera و Nescape وغيرها ، لتحل محل وحدات التنزيل القياسية.

وعلاوة على ذلك ، يراقب البرنامج حافظة النظام ويكشف عناوين المواقع في الحافظة.

باستخدام IDA ، يمكنك تنزيل الفيديو وحفظه من خدمات مشاركة الفيديو الشائعة: YouTube و Google Video و Metacafe وغيرها.

وفى هذهالتدوينة اقدم لكم آخر إصدار من البرنامج مرفقمعه التفعيل

Internet Download Accelerator lets you to noticeably increase the speed of file download from the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. The acceleration is achieved by splitting a file being downloaded into several parts and downloading these parts at the same time. Internet Download Accelerator resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers. To increase usability Internet Download Accelerator integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Nescape and others, replacing the standard download modules. Moreover, the program monitors the system clipboard and detects URLs in the clipboard. With IDA you can download and save video from popular

video sharing services: YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and others. The program also contains:
FTP Explorer

site manager for password and download folders management


download speed control, automatic mode for the most comfortable browsing on the Web
dial for dial-up connection
search for files, programs, games, and music
IDA Bar – a toolbar for Internet Explorer

Possibility to save clips downloaded from YouTube as mp3 (in the Add download window choose “mp3” in the Desired quality menu);
Smart Pause mode offers new ways to start downloads automatically;
Improved integration with free video-converter Convertilla;
Added ability to stop all downloads except those which do not support resume;
Added ability to download clips from YouTube with minimal resolution 240p;
YouTube downloads can be resumed for an unlimited time after start;
Search for new downloads added to the toolbar;
Improved plug-in management;
Added support for the 4th and 5th mouse buttons in the embedded browser;
Improved integration/disintegration into Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari;

Improved download over HTTPS;
Improved automatic detection of new file versions availability, Autoupdate folder;
The descript.ion is updated when the download file name changes;
Improved automatic IDA update;
Fixed bugs in IDA Portable;
Fixed bug with incorrect selection handling while changing categories;
Fixed bug with renaming YouTube downloads;
Other minor bugs fixed.

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