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كورس أيلتس | Prepare for IELTS Speaking

كورس أيلتس | Prepare for IELTS Speaking

التحضير لامتحان IELTS للتحدث من قبل فاحصي IELTS

ستساعدك دورة IELTS Speaking هذه على الاستعداد لامتحان IELTS للمحادثة لكل من العام والأكاديمي

من خلال إعطائك نظرة ثاقبة حول كيفية قيام فاحصي IELTS بتقييم نقاط الفرقة الخاصة بك.

غالبًا ما يفشل المتحدثون باللغة الإنجليزية في الحصول على درجات عالية من الامتحان

نظرًا لأنهم لا يستخدمون اللغة التي يحتاجها فاحص IELTS لسماعهم للحصول على درجة عالية من الفرقة.

الكورس كامل بالفيديو مقدم من يوديمى

شاهد الكورس على موقعه الرسمى من الرابط التالى :

كورس أيلتس | Prepare for IELTS Speaking by Former IELTS Examiners

Improve your language for the IELTS speaking exam

What you’ll learn
Useful phrases and model answers to help you answer Part 2 IELTS speaking topics
Have a richer vocabulary with lots of collocations, which are vital for higher band scores
Be better prepared for your IELTS exam by having a wider lexical range

A basic understanding of English
Commitment and focus to complete the course
If you can print off the model answers before watching the videos, that would be useful

IELTS – Prepare for IELTS Speaking by Former IELTS Examiners

This IELTS Speaking course will help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking exam for both General and Academic by giving you an insight into how IELTS examiners are assessing your band score. Even good speakers of English often fail to get high band scores because they are not using the language the IELTS examiner need to hear to give you a high band score.

Prepare for IELTS Speaking


Please note this is not a strategies course. This course teaches you vocabulary and useful grammatical structures that are essential for getting a high band score in the IELTS Speaking exam. As a former IELTS essential examiner, based on my experience, this is the area that you need to focus on to get a high band score. IELTS is essentially a huge vocabulary test and the best way to get a high band score is focusing on complex language in your preparation.

Learn how to answer IELTS Part 2 Speaking questions – detailed analysis of model answers to show you what IELTS examiners are looking for – over 135 videos that can be adapted to use for many IELTS Speaking topics

Prepare for IELTS Speaking

A selection of Part 1 and Part 3 videos

Downloadable 165-page PDF document with 42 Part 2 model answers and hundreds of Part 3 model answers

Learn complex words from a native speaker of English and former IELTS examiner

Learn how to use collocations in your answers, which will help you to achieve a higher band score in Lexical Resource in IELTS Speaking

Learn how to use complex grammar to improve your Grammatical Range and Accuracy band score in IELTS Speaking

Learn how to use discourse markers to improve your Fluency and Coherence band score in IELTS Speaking

This course is regularly updated with new IELTS Speaking topics

Please note not all current Part 1, 2 and 3 topics are included, as the course would need to be hundreds of hours long, but you will be able to study lots of topics to give you a range of vocabulary to use for other topics. Some topics are very similar to other topics so although it may not look like there is a video for ‘Describe a Party’, there is a video for ‘Describe a time visitors came to you home’, which describes a party so you can use the ideas and vocabulary for the ‘Describe a Party’ topic as well.

Memorising model answers is not the best way to get a high band score – you need to improve your grammar and vocabulary so that you can use complex language and grammar.

This is an online course and we are unable to offer one-to-one speaking practice as part of the course.

Who this course is for?
Anyone who is taking Academic or General IELTS

مساحة الكورس 10 جيجا تقريبا

Prepare for IELTS Speaking by Former IELTS Examiners , كورس Prepare for IELTS Speaking by Former IELTS Examiners , تحميل كورس Prepare for IELTS Speaking by Former IELTS Examiners
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