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برنامج إخفاء الملفات والفولدرات | Wise Folder Hider Pro

برنامج إخفاء الملفات والفولدرات | Wise Folder Hider Pro

Wise Folder Hider Pro
هناك ادوات فى الويندوز مخصصة لإخفاء الملفات والمجلدات بطريقة بدائية وأراها بلا فائدة لمن يريد إخفاء ملفات هامة أو مجلدات أو وثائق لا يريد لأحد الإطلاع عليها .

لذلك الطريقة الأفضل لحفظ الخصوصية وإخفاء الملفات الهامة عن ايدى العابثين هو إستخدام برنامج مؤمن يكون قادر على تشفير الملفات وإخفائها وعدم عرضها لاى احد إلا لمن يملك كلمة السر .

وبرنامج Wise Folder Hider هو أحد البرامج الذى يقوم بهذه المهمة

فبعد تثبيته تقوم بإدخال باسورد خاص بك وبعد ذلك تستطيع إخفاء وتشفير اى ملف أو مجلد ولا يستسطع أحد غيرك الإطلاع عليه

ما يميز البرنامج هو واجهته السهلة وأيضاً دعمه للغات كثيرة منها العربية مما يجعله مناسباً جداً لنا فى وطننا العربى

وفى هذه التدوينة أقدم لكم آخر إصدار من البرنامج مرفق معه التفعيل

Wise Folder Hider protects your private and important data from others eyes. This application is designed as a free USB drive/ file/ folder hiding tool. User can use it free to hide sensitive or important files and folders on local partitions or removable devices. The data can not be accessed by other programs or other operating systems such as DOS.

The only way to access or unhide these data is to enter the valid password. However, Wise-Folder Hider is designed for home use only, but not recommended for commercial settings which require stricter confidentiality.

Using this application, your private data and important files will not be exposed to others or unintentionally revealed and your privacy will not be pried into if you share one computer, USB drive, removable HDD drive, etc.

Wise Folder Hider Key Features:
• Easy to Hide Data. Only with a few simple clicks can you hide your private and sensitive data like docs, photos, videos, folders, etc.
• Double Password Protection. Mechanism of Two-Tier-Passwords makes the hiding safe enough. One password to log in and the other one to hide and unhide the data.

• Support Drag and Drop. You can simply drag and drop a file/folder into Wise-Folder Hider. This feature is available in Win7/Vista OS (only when UAC is disabled) and XP OS.
• Support Right-Click. You can hide files/folders by right-click without opening Wise Folder-Hider. You will be able to access/unhide these files or folders when you log in WFH.

• Flash Drive Hiding Supported (not External Hard Disk). Wise Folder Hider can hide the entire Flash Drive as well as the folders and files in it.
• Free of Charge. Wise Folder Hider is a completely freeware. It costs $0 for all users to use the functions, get newest updates and enjoy basic technical supports

Wise Folder Hider Pro adopts advanced encryption algorithm, providing much more enhanced security than the free version for files and folders on your Windows PC. Wise Folder Hider Pro defends your private files from being found/read by a third-party tool.

Wise Folder Hider Pro offers users an optional higher level of security. Users can set a second password for each of the files and folders hidden by Wise Folder Hider Pro. For those who have some real confidential files, they can rest assured knowing that their hidden files are double secured.

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