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برنامج فيبر للكومبيوتر | Viber for Windows

برنامج فيبر للكومبيوتر | Viber for Windows

برنامج فيبر للكومبيوتر | Viber for Windows

برنامج فيبر Viber للكمبيوتر هو برنامج المكالمات و الرسائل المجانية

و هو ايضا برنامج دردشة و شات مجاني يتيح لك إرسال رسائل مجانية وإجراء مكالمات مجانية لمستخدمين فايبر الأخرين

على أي جهاز كمبيوتر او اي موبايل و على اي شبكة انترنت او شبكة اتصالات في أي بلد .

After confirming the activation code, data will be synchronized so you can make calls and send texts via Wi-Fi or 3G.
The application is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface that permits anyone to quickly get used to it, displaying all the available contacts, recent conversations and calls.

You can exchange emoticons and locations in addition to text, photo and video messages.

Notifications and automatic contacts finder
If you plan to carry on with your normal activity on the PC but still want to keep an eye on Viber, you will be pleased to know that it supports message notifications that pop up from the system tray.

As far as the configuration is concerned, you can set the tool to display alerts only for calls, or for both messages and calls.

Regarding the contacts, you don’t have to import anything into Viber.

Instead of manually looking them up, you can let the program take care of this tedious task by granting it

access to your device’s address book, thanks to the fact that it is able to automatically identify and put the contacts to good use.

Evaluation and conclusion
In terms of performance, Viber ran smoothly during our evaluation, without triggering the operating system to hang,

crash or pop up error messages. The sound quality during phone calls was excellent and the connections remained stable throughout our tests.

Thanks to its highly intuitive options, Viber proves to be one of the most helpful and convenient applications when it comes to chatting with friends and sending free SMS messages over the Internet.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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