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كورس أسرار الفوتوشوب | Secrets to Photoshop Design

كورس أسرار الفوتوشوب | Secrets to Photoshop Design

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كورس أسرار الفوتوشوب | Start Designing with the Secrets to Photoshop Design

Photoshop Secrets – Learn the secrets for making beautiful designs

without prior photoshop experience or knowledge.

What you’ll learn
Get Quicker With Photoshop Design.

Get your design out there and make good money from it.!

Understand How To Design In Photoshop.

Make Your Photoshop Life Fun & Easy..

Become Quicker With Photoshop.

Learn To Design Simple Logos & Badges.

Understand how to make more money with Your Designs.

You only need a photoshop ” Any Version “

Absolutely no experience is required.

The course shows you exactly how to design and make the best out of it!

A notebook and pen, please!

Secrets to Photoshop Design



80 PHOTOSHOP LESSONS ” Making Photoshop Design Fun & Easy “

LATEST COURSE UPDATE – 15 September 2016.

30+ 5 Star Reviews from really happy & satisfied students

NEW! Now includes all PSD files & Fonts, and 2 free font library links.

No Prior Photoshop experience needed “Guaranteed.”

All future & additional lectures will always be free of charge.

No illustrator or other software is needed “You only need Photoshop.”





————————— ” Then this course is for you ” ——————————-
What This Course Entails:
I will teach you how to get into Photoshop Design;

so don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience with Photoshop or other Plugins.

Follow my lead and I’ll teach you to be good at it! “Seriously”

All my design instructions form part of a comprehensive guide that can help you to accomplish your goals by applying these skills and techniques.

During the lesson you get to eavesdrop as I work, giving you some insight as to how I work and what I do.

The idea is to make designing fun and easy! “Anyone can do this”

Whether you have previous experience with designing or not, it doesn’t matter.

Apply your knowledge for half an hour a day and you could be making huge improvements or even extra money, just like me.

“And I’m not kidding when I say that you need nothing but Photoshop!”

All future lectures and upgrades are always included for free.

Unconditional Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee – that’s my personal promise of your success!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
How to create/open a new canvas “To get started”

How to work with only the required Photoshop tools.

How to create simple designs and speed up your workflow.

How to create your own custom design shapes.

A secret for getting simple yet effective looks.

Two secrets ways of getting amazing font libraries for free.

Tips on how to generate more ideas and creative designs.

How to create amazing shapes/objects with no artistic or “design skills” whatsoever.

How to design Fun, Corporate, Feminine or even crazy Brands Logos.

How to Create a Print Ready business card with your own design.

How to create amazing badges from scratch.

… and that’s just some of the things you’ll learn!

There are way more and new lessons are always added to the course.

Are you intrigued yet? Keep reading!

As with all my courses:

the initial low price will increase shortly.

This one is currently $49 and it will soon upgrade to $60 so join in now!

“You will have unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost” Not just that; all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free.

There’s an unconditional, no-questions-asked full 30-day money-back guarantee!I’m known for always offering support in Udemy, so feel free to shout out if you’re stuck or need assistance.

“I’m here to help”

One final note: My goal is to teach you how to design anything.

so don’t stress about not having worked in Photoshop before. “I do my best to make it simple & fun”

I’ve crammed all my design knowledge into over 13+ hours of tutorial lessons!

After going through this course you’ll be able to apply your new design skills to Photoshop anything and make some extra cash along the way.

All you have to do is click on the “take this course” button on the top right corner.

You have nothing to lose. In fact, you’ve got a lot to gain.

Thank you, Manni

Who this course is for:
People of any age or ability.
People from any country.
People with an interest for design.
People with an interest for photoshop.

مساحة الكورس 13 جيجا تقريبا

Start Designing with the Secrets to Photoshop Design , تحميلStart Designing with the Secrets to Photoshop Design , كورس Start Designing with the Secrets to Photoshop Design
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